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Treatment of Sludge from GRP Cutting Lines for Recycling the Water back to Processing Machines

A huge amount of water is consumed at the cutting phase of GRP pipes. Water is a limited resource with increasing demand and therefore getting more and more valuable every day. Treating the sludge from the GRP cutting lines and re-using the water will significantly reduce the impact on environment while saving an important cost to your company.

We, at Dermak Process, have successfully managed to separate the solid particles and the water in the sludge from the GRP cutting lines efficiently, so that the water can be recycled back to the cutting machines.

Sludge from GRP cutting line (left), re-usable water from treatment process (right)

GRP sludge treatment process


·  Typically, 97% of the water is recycled back to the cutting lines at each cycle saving thousands of m3 of water each year depending on production capacity. (Based on 2-3% solids content in the sludge).

·  The filtered solids contain less than 30% moisture and is drip-free. Therefore, it can be disposed or transported easily; saving waste removal costs as well as reducing environmental impact.

Download "GRP Sludge Treatment" datasheet (245 KB)