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+ GRP waste treatment

+ Clay filtration

Dewatering screen

+ Silica sand dewatering


Filterpress is the most efficient solution for solid-liquid separation. Due to the simple and economical operation, filterpresses are used nearly since 100 years in many industries.

The filterpress consists of a number of filter plates hanging on a steel construction and pressed by two pressure plates. One of the pressure plates is fixed and the other one is moveable by a electro-hydraulic mechanism.

Each pair of filter plate, when pressed towards each other, forms a chamber for filter cake formation.

After the plates are pressed towards each other at the required pressure, the solid-liquid mixture is pumped inside the filterpress by a centrifugal, membrane or piston pump, or by a combination of these as required by the application. The liquid can flow through the filter cloth while solid particles stay inside the filterpress and start to build a filter cake.

When the cake is dry enough, the feed pump is stopped, the plates are opened and the filter cake is discharged.

Filterpresses are widely used for:

·  Dewatering of ceramic slurries (kaolin etc.)

·  Mineral dressing and preparation

·  Dewatering of electrolytic slurries

·  Dewatering of industrial or municipal wastes

·  Reclaiming the cooling water in marble processing

·  Dye and pigment production

·  Food and beverage and production

·  Petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries



We design and supply CE Certified filterpresses with plate sizes of 800, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm. Depending on application and the capacity needed, it is possible to have filter cake volumes ranging from 0.2m3 to 9m3 per cycle.

Optional equipment

·  Automatic plate shifting

·  Automatic cake discharge

·  Filter cake washing

·  Filter cloth washing

·  Security light curtain for emergency stop

·  Stainless steel construction for food and pharmaceutical industries

·  Vacuum system for hazardous/poisonous gases

·  Automatic conveyor for filter cake removal