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Dewatering screen

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Dewatering screen

Most of the modern processes for mineral dressing and classification consume large amounts of water. Different types of machinery and equipment have been developed to recover the water used for processing and to have a final product that is easy to store.

Considering its low investment and operating costs, its high capacity and ease of use, dewatering screen is the most efficient solution for recovering the water used in processing of aggregates like sand, gravel, salt and coal.

In a process, dewatering screens are mostly placed just after the hydro cyclones, monosizers, hydrosizers or spiral classifiers for a drip-free product.

Why you should prefer dewatering screens:

·  Low investment and operating costs.

·  Low energy consumption per ton.

·  Very easy operation and maintenance.

·  High capacity and efficiency.

·  Outputs drip-free product that can be easily stored.


Watch DDS1830 in operation (1.31 MB)

Below models outline our standard production range. Other sizes for different applications are also produced based on customer request.

DDS1230  3.6 m2 screen area

DDS1830  5.4 m2 screen area

DDS2040  8.0 m2 screen area

Dermak advantages:

·  Adjustable flow speed of the aggregate.

·  Screen panels developed by Dermak offer a high open area percentage. The special design enables replacement of only the damaged panel and thus reduce the operating costs.

·  Linear vibration is supplied by 2 motors.

·  Rigid body construction and utilization of correct springs ensure homogeneous vibration at all points of the screen and a linear flow of the aggregate.

·  All steel parts are shot blasted and coated. Special paints are used in finishing for a better corrosion protection.

·  All parts in contact with the aggregate are polyurethane coated for higher durability.

·  Modular screen panels enable usage of the dewatering screen for different applications.